January 15, 2023

Do You Need a Reset Button for the New Year?

Some of my electronic devices have an option to return to the original factory settings.  I think this option is only deployed in desperate times, when the device has gotten so messed up that the easiest way to fix it is to just start fresh.  There’s usually a warning as you start to engage the reset button, because it WILL erase, unrecoverably, whatever is stored there that didn’t come from the factory—photos taken, documents written, etc.

Sometimes I wish there was a “factory reset” button for humans.  My pexels karolina grabowska 6610073 2husband and I adopted a sibling group of 3 and I often wished I could erase their past trauma. And even without past trauma, I could imagine a fresh start for myself with no regrets, no bad memories, no lingering consequences from poor choices made.  Could I have a do-over please?  A “factory reset” button? And then I remember that there are plenty of good life experiences for me as well.  I’m not so sure I want to wipe out everything.

God did the reset thing once…remember Noah?  Everything outside of that ark got wiped out because it was just so far gone that God decided to start fresh.  Afterwards, God promised not to do that again.  Instead, the next time a “reset” was needed, a baby was conceived in a miraculous way, starting a 30-some year journey to bring about a new reset process for all future generations.  

We get to read and learn from many stories of the life of Jesus.  The nutshell message I’m focusing on for this new year, is that out of great love, God became human, and then painfully sacrificed that life, providing the way to a reset option that doesn’t obliterate our past nor instantly change our present.  Instead, we discover that Jesus can take our messy lives and choices and turn them into something beautiful and meaningful, when we choose to engage.  It's a process that will continue, as long as we keep choosing to engage and reset as needed. 

When we choose Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we’re choosing the life reset button….that is the life-long reset option.  Not the total instant memory wipe.  When we choose to follow Christ, God starts the reset process, and we are tasked with the actual follow through.  But we are not left alone during that process…God is right there with us, encouraging us and helping us every step of the way.  We remain in process the rest of our life, and then….our final breath takes us into that truly new life.

Will you choose to Reset your Spiritual Life today? 

by Janet Ihle
Dayton, WA

0F6A2EEE C40C 4128 9A82 3CF2BD1D5609Janet loves moving to great upbeat Christian music, and I'm so thankful to have found Body & Soul®! In 2019 she started teaching Dance Blast™, and in 2020 she became certified as a Group Fitness Instructor through American Council on Exercise. Janet is looking forward to sharing the joy with you!