August 10, 2021
Beautiful Feet

The family unit is being shattered in so many ways in our world today. It grieves my heart but it also powers me up to do something about it, starting at home. I am determined to be proactive to inspire my family to grow stronger spiritually. Will you join me in this quest? I have been looking for resources to help with creative ways to focus on learning spiritual truths, and I am intentionally planning to create a family learning time this summer using the resources I have discovered. I hope and pray that we will all grow stronger spiritually this summer.  

I’ve just recently discovered the app #readscripture which uses The Bible Project’s videos (which are fantastic!) and it has a family Bible reading plan as well. The Read Scripture experience is a reading plan and video set that breaks the big story of the Bible into 16 chronological chapters. They’ve arranged the books in a way that helps us see the overall story of the Bible. Each of the 16 chapters is broken up into multiple sessions of 15-20 minutes of Bible reading. Following this plan takes a family completely through the Bible in less than a year. Doing just Matthew through John or Acts through Jude takes less than 60 days so that could work for summer reading. It will track your progress for you, customize notifications, and allow you to hear from teachers like Francis Chan along the way. I look forward to incorporating this into our family life soon!

Another important way to help our families stay strong is learning apologetics.  We need to be equipped to answer hard questions about our faith as well as simple ones. I'm learning apologetics myself through reading books and watching videos, but I’ve recently heard about a book for families to read together called “Mama Bear Apologetics” It advertises: “Train Yourself, Equip Your Kids. Learn how to raise kids who think critically, love Biblically, and stand firm against the cultural tide.” Wow! I want my family to check this out. A Study Guide is also available. Depending on the ages in your family, you may use this with your kids or your grandkids—whoever comes to mind. I encourage you to get started this summer pursuing these resources. Let us know how it goes and please pass along any other resources you find helpful.

Enjoy learning together and keeping your family strong this summer!

 Lee Ann Postma, College Station, TX


Lee Ann PostmaLee Ann Postma first did a Body & Soul® workout at CRU staff training in 1985 and knew right away that she would wanted to become an instructor as well! She has been teaching ever since, many times while pregnant, but always shortly afterwards, with the exception of a 10 year break after she had her 7th child and her husband was getting deployed several times. But she was so glad to be able to start again & see all the changes & additions of class options! Lee Ann lives and teaches Body & Soul® classes in College Station, Texas. She loves being a member of the Body & Soul® Spiritual Impact Team.