October 9, 2021
Hope in Changing Seasons

Hope In Changing Seasons

I don’t know about you, but I love where I live in Maryland because we actually get to enjoy all of the seasons. Changing seasons renew my spirit and give me hope!  

The heat of summer is finally replaced with cool and crisp fall days.  The dead appearance of late fall is transformed by freshly falling first snows that cover dead branches and sparkle in the sunshine.  The long, drawn-out barrenness of winter gives way to new life bursting forth in spring.  And summer once again ushers in a reprieve from regular work schedules, inviting spontaneity, rest, relaxation, and new adventure!

Our heavenly Father renews our hope and reminds us of His steadfastness through the changing seasons of His creation.  He has covered us and made us as white as snow (Isaiah 1:18) through Jesus’, His one and only Son’s, death and resurrection.  Jesus’ resurrection from the dead (as He burst forth from the grave) is celebrated with the help of springtime reminders of new life (Romans 6:4).  As Jesus called His followers away for rest and renewal like we enjoy during those lazy days of summer (Mark 6:31b) He calls us to come to Him and find true rest from the worries and burdens of the world.  And finally, the glorious colors of the changing foliage of fall serves as a reminder that our great and glorious God, while always working anew in our lives, is Himself never changing.  No matter what swirls around us, He remains the same and that steadfastness is the basis for hope.  (James 1:17)

Our hope rests in God’s never-changing goodness and promises, fulfilled in Jesus Christ and this hope is an anchor for our soul. (Hebrews 6:19a)

What seasonal changes are your favorites?  How does God reveal Himself to you in creation?  

Thank you, Lord, for the beauty of Your creation and the seasonal changes that remind us of Your work in our lives.  Thanks for Your steadfast love that never changes.  Amen.

Shawn Maassel, Saint Leonard, MD

Lee Ann PostmaShawn began taking Body & Soul® classes as a student in 1990 after her first child was born. Years later, after a move and transition to full-time church work, she became a Body & Soul® instructor in order to bring the ministry and classes to her new church. She has been leading classes since 2003 in Huntingtown, Maryland and enjoys being part of Body & Soul’s Spiritual Impact Team. Shawn and her husband have three grown children and one grandson across the country.