April 10, 2022


I grew up very active in the church. We were there every time the doors were open...Sunday morning, Sunday night, and mid-week service. I always enjoyed being at church. It was like an extension of my family. I felt comfortable inside those four walls. As a small child I remember learning about Jesus in Sunday school and in Missionettes.Hosanna 2

My teacher would tell stories from the Bible and she would stick felt characters to a background board, as the stories would come to life. On Palm Sunday, the felt Jesus would make his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, on the back of a donkey. The townsfolk would cheer and wave palm branches. They would shout, “Hosanna”!! 

I’ve learned that Hosanna is a word used in Judaism and in Christianity. In Judaism, it refers to a cry for divine help. In Christianity, it is used as a cry of praise. 

As I consider all the hills and valleys I’ve been through, I can recall an inner shout of Hosanna being used in both the highs and the lows of my life. I remember some of those situations where my Hosanna was pleading for help, crying out for God’s comfort, peace and provision. And in my mountaintop experiences, my cry of Hosanna was one that showed gratitude for what God had done for me. 

Consider a Bible passage for each of these seasons of life. Read through the passage slowly and think back over a time of life when you have cried out for God to help you, and also when you have cried out in praise for God‘s faithfulness to you.

“You’re my place of quiet retreat. I wait for your word to renew me.” Psalm 119:114

“I will sing to the Lord for He has been good to me.” Psalm 13:6

Dear Lord,

Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed with so many mountaintop experiences, but I’m not ignorant of the valleys that I have walked through in this fallen world. I thank you that you never leave me and you never forsake me. Help me during this Easter season to have a grateful heart for all that you’ve done for me. And cause me to remember in the difficult times, that I can call out to you anywhere, and at any time! Thank you for being a God who is always available and always compassionate to my struggles.

In Jesus name, Amen.

by Sherry Libby

Sherry LibbySherry Libby enjoys teaching Cardio Strength classes in Greencastle, PA. She is certified in Group Fitness by ACE. Her motto is “Strive for progress, not perfection“. She is a busy wife and mom to three kids ranging from middle school through college. Sherry worked for many years as a nurse but hung up her stethoscope in 2008 to be involved in ministry. She loves teaching fitness classes and is involved in the Worship and Women’s ministries at her church.