October 29, 2023
Life in the Faith Lane

life in the faith lane

Since my book was published this summer, many have asked what made me decide to write it. I believe God wanted my story to be told. I have been very aware most of my life what a good good God we have. I’ve been thankful for His Word and for His presence and guidance in my life. I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home and in a wonderful church and community of Godly people. I had so many Godly mentors, both at home, church and for 12 years at Comanche, Oklahoma Public schools. Of the many things they taught me, one of the most life-changing to pray for a Godly mate and trust God to bring him into my life at the right time. As a young girl, I just believed that teacher and I believed God to bring His choice for my life mate. When I was 15 years old, I met Kenny Sprouse while visiting Walters high school with a girlfriend. Toward the end of our first date at a Billy Graham movie, Kenny asked me to marry him. We never dated anyone else; we were married three years later and spent 47 years serving God and people together until Ken made a quick and unexpected transition to his eternal home with Jesus.

Ken and I loved sharing life together. Among the many things we did together, we were seekers of natural health and wellness, and loved sharing what we learned with others. We ran lots of races and marathons together and taught wellness classes and circuit training. I have always enjoyed singing and music and dance and worship, so it was a natural for me to join Body & Soul® Fitness nearly two decades ago. For me, Body and Soul® classes are so much more than a great workout (although they are amazing for physical fitness). The inspirational songs and lyrics are encouraging and bring such joy and happiness. I can get lost in worship as I happily follow the instructor’s choreography. The cheerful classmates are always ready with a smile, hug or encouraging word. Of all the workouts I’ve ever done, none come close to the joy and fulfillment I find in Body and Soul® classes. When I’ve had either an extremely physically demanding or stressful day, and am not sure about going to class to, I always choose to go, because never, not once, have I ever come out of a class, not feeling renewed, restored and full of energy.

So, when I think of all the amazing things God has done for me through the hills and the valleys, I want to share with the whole world just what a faithful, amazing God we have. He is the God of the impossible. He’s never failed us, and He never will. I want the whole world to know my Jesus like I do. I also want everyone to know that we are never alone. God showed me that clearly when I went on a trip to India to visit the orphanages that Ken and I had established before he passed away. God showed me clearly that He was with me even when I had to go without Ken. I was not alone and I will never be alone. God’s peace that passes understanding covered me then and is with me today. I am living life in the faith lane, with my God by my side.

by Bea Sprouse

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Bea Sprouse

A professor at Oklahoma State University at the Oklahoma City campus, Bea Sprouse is uniquely qualified to teach complex truths. She and her husband Ken were founding pastors of Edmond Christian Center. They also founded and ran Edmond Christian Academy for 30 years. They were entrepreneurs in real estate and opened 87 restaurants. Her mission is to help other people unlock truths in the Bible and live a life of victory.