July 10, 2021
Summertime Prayer Focus

Summertime. It’s here! Schools are closed and my schedule opens up. As summer begins, my first thought was that I wanted to take my time reading God’s word and talk with him in prayer about all the things I‘ve been meaning to discuss with him over the past year!

But life happens, and Friday morning, amongst the thousands of cicadas invading the Northeast, we started renovating my son’s room.  My husband thought he was just putting in new flooring…. let’s just say, there’s now a newly renovated wall with built-in bookcases, and fresh paint (teehee). Is your summer already picking up with a new “unscheduled” schedule, too? Spontaneous renovation, trips to the park, staycations, unexpected guests…that’s what summer is all about. 

Already, I’m losing focus on my coffee date with God! How do I pray while my mind is swirling with lists of supplies, and prioritizing the to-do list of practical tasks? What about all the things I expected to chat with God about? I need to prioritize time to connect with him. 

Reading the Bible is part of prayer.  If I want to know what God thinks and His desire and plans for the circumstances in my life, it’s all in His word.  God wants to know what I’m feeling, thinking and desiring.  God also wants to bring freedom and peace as I align with his thoughts and desires. So, I did one thing—I decided to read a Psalm-a-day over the summer. After reading each Psalm, I talk to God about my personal circumstances, praying back to him words from the psalm.  I personalize it with people’s names and insert the issues they face and what the passage says about how God responds, and how we might relate to the situation.  And then I listen. It’s making all the difference! When I pray this way, I find I don’t have to come up with my own ideas, plans, or words when talking to God. I use His words. It’s amazing how He changes my focus and my response.

Do you have a fresh prayer plan for the summer? How are you connecting that with God’s word?  Take one step; make one decision. He will help you grow spiritually this summer just as he is helping me. 

Trina Young Bowie, MD

Trina YoungTreasuring over 20 years of connection with Body & Soul(R) Fitness as a student, instructor, operations assist admin, copyright manager, and spiritual impact team, I'm honored and excited to be a part of what God is doing through Body & Soul(R) and hope to support and serve you with the love and truth of Jesus. ❤️ I also enjoy taking a sledgehammer to walls in my house, refinishing furniture, and recently, knitting (Youtube), although none of my 3 children will wear anything I've made in public.