July 30, 2023
Ferris wheel

too much

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34 (NIV)

Most who are reading this blog have ‘enough’. We might even have ‘too much.’ Rarely do we have ‘not enough.’ Summertime can lend itself to ‘too much.’  Too much food, too much drink, even too much fun or vacation! We can see it in our little ones on stimulating vacations. Merry-go rounds, Ferris wheels, boardwalks, treats and costumed characters can quickly contribute to overload. 

Bingeing is a term used to describe indulgence in ‘too much’ in our lives. While traditionally used to describe food and alcohol gluttony, now it describes prolonged participation in other seemingly harmless activities such as ‘bingeing’ TV shows, series, and games on our Apps. 

God’s Word guides us about moderation, and ‘enough.’ In the Old Testament God provided daily bread called manna from heaven for his people who were newly released from captivity. As long as they collected as they had been commanded, everyone had ‘just enough.’ And if they sought ‘too much’ the manna just caused stress. It molded and got worms and those who indulged were noticeably outside of God’s will. 

In Matthew God says that even our days have ‘enough’ trouble of their own. God tells us not to add to that by borrowing trouble from tomorrow. With His help, deal just with today.

Too much 2Paul describes having ‘enough’ in Christ while experiencing both ‘plenty’ and ‘poverty.’ Paul knew that in Christ alone are we truly satisfied. In gratefully receiving and using His gifts to His glory we learn moderation and good stewardship. And when we apply both to our daily lives, not only will we have ‘enough’ but our contentment will be a springboard for blessing others.

Reflection: In gratitude, make a list of the things for which you are thankful. When tempted to desire ‘more’ than what you need, consider this list as well as how you might use what you have to bless antiviral-meds-info.com else.

Lord, grant me contentment with what I have and help me to be a good and godly steward of all of your gifts.  Amen

Shawn Maassel, Huntingtown, MD

Shawn Maassel

Shawn began taking Body & Soul® classes as a student in 1990 after her first child was born. Years later, after a move and transition to full-time church work, she became a Body & Soul® instructor in order to bring the ministry and classes to her new church. She has been leading classes since 2003 in Huntingtown, Maryland and enjoys being part of Body & Soul’s Spiritual Impact Team. Shawn and her husband have three grown children and two grandsons across the country.