September 11, 2022

success follows clear vision

My husband and I recently enjoyed a little getaway in the Pocono mountains. We did it to spend some time together away from home but we also did it with a specific purpose in mind. It was our vision retreat! 

Marriage is tough and we have spent 32 years trying to make ours a priority. We were at a marriage retreat earlier this year and we were introduced to this idea of a vision retreat. It was to be a retreat for just the two of us where we would go away for a few days alone to focus on our vision as a couple. We were even provided a booklet written by Jimmy Evans that helped guide us. We were to invest time before the trip even began to pray about what God wanted us to focus on. The booklet had portions for us to read and there were also questions that would cause us to consider our priorities, recognizing that our priorities change over time. (Our priorities when we have toddlers are so much different than our priorities when we are empty-nesters. What an amazing concept!)

This time to focus on the vision of our marriage really made me consider my own personal vision. Vision is defined as the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. 

Proverbs 29:18a says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

This really drives the point home of how important vision is to our future success. Whether we’re talking about our success with our relationships, with our vocation, in our ministry opportunities or in regards to our personal relationship with Christ.

I love to plan and organize. And one way that I can put this into practice regarding vision is by creating a vision board. (Ever heard of one? It’s not just for people that have too much time on their hands and a lot of pent up creative energy! Lol!)

According to, there are five easy steps to creating your very own vision board.

STEP 1: Set goals- decide what you want to achieve. 

STEP 2: Get your Vision Board supplies- don’t forget, this is your board. Be as elaborate or concise as you’d like.

STEP 3: Choose the pictures or images to convey your vision in a way that will encourage you.

STEP 4: Create your Vision Board.

STEP 5: Place your completed board where you’ll see it daily. 

A Vision Board can be a combination of goals in regards to many areas of your life or it can be more focused onto one area, such as My Health, My Ministry or My Marriage.Vision Board Sherry

Have fun with this project. Organize your thoughts first on paper and let your creative juices flow. Be sure to take a few minutes daily to look at your board and assess your progress. 

According to Bill Hybels, “Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion.” What areas of your life could be ignited with a little passion today?

by Sherry Libby

Sherry LibbySherry Libby enjoys teaching Cardio Strength classes in Greencastle, PA. She is certified in Group Fitness by ACE. Her motto is “Strive for progress, not perfection“. She is a busy wife and mom to three kids ranging from middle school through college. Sherry worked for many years as a nurse but hung up her stethoscope in 2008 to be involved in ministry. She loves teaching fitness classes and is involved in the Worship and Women’s ministries at her church.