August 14, 2018

What Am I Missing?

The song “Don’t Miss It” by Francesca Battistelli undid me the other day.

"Burn up the interstate (I do)
Got somewhere you need to be, you're (Always)
Not gonna let nobody slow you down (Right, don’t slow me down)
Turn off the radio and
Turn up your telephone (Got my headphones in to make calls while I drive)
You don't have the time to smell the roses now” (Too much to do to stop and drink in the day)

Am I so busy that I’m missing life around me?

Am I reaching so hard for the next season or the next “thing” in life that I can’t or won’t savor the season I’m currently in? What have I missed living this way?

“Don't try so hard
To move past the moment
These days go by
And they're gone before you know it
So come on, open your window
Let the light shine in
This is life don't miss it”

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 tells us there is a season for everything. So why do we seem so anxious for the next season of life? When the baby is born, we say, “I can’t wait until they crawl…walk…talk…go to preschool…kindergarten…full day of school…” Then they become teenagers and they begin to say, “I can’t wait until I drive…graduate…go off to college…get a job…get married…have children…”

Why are we so bent on moving through life so fast? Is this why we grow weary? How many moments of life have I missed because I’ve hurried to embrace the next season rather than embracing the life and minutes right in front of me?

What am I missing spiritually as I race through life? Am I pursuing God’s truths, savoring them, allowing them to take root in my life and transform me into who He has created me to be right now or simply checking the boxes and miss experiencing His deep refinement that can come from spending real time with my Father?

Jesus’ ministry was three years. His example isn’t of running hurriedly through those years. Instead, we see conversations and deliberate moments that impacted lives. We see the personal touch of God. We see time taken to heal, deliver, celebrate, and forgive.

“What if you took the time
To really soak it in
Like a September morning
Like snow without a warning
Like how the summer feels upon your skin”

Be present.

Be available. Have conversations that impact lives.

Slow down. Pray.

Embrace the season you find yourself in. Right here. Right now.

“Hmm, just take a second maybe
Before the sun goes down
Breathe before your breath runs out”

God has given us a life to live, and he doesn’t want us to miss it.

Mary WardMary Ward serves as the Vice President, Marketing Director, Regional Director, and Group Fitness Instructor for Body & Soul Fitness. She is a certified Group Fitness Instructor by American Council on Exercise and is approved to teach all programs with Body & Soul. She is the author of “My Place for Fitness” through First Place for Health and sits on their Board of Directors. Her motto is “don’t think about what you can’t do, celebrate and do what you can.” She is a popular speaker and presenter at women's conferences and retreats.