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We are more than simply a fitness organization. We are intentional about our faith, living life well, and being our best in whatever role(s) we find ourselves in life. We aim to honor God with everything we are. And we want to help you do the same.

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April 9, 2023
Easter Redemption's Promise

Easter is the fulfillment of a long unfolding plan for humanity. In the very beginning of time, sin entered the world through one man, and another Man’s sacrifice would have to be made to save us all. God made redemption available to all of us, but it comes at a high price for One. God the Father set in motion a plan of redemption we celebrate at Easter, and it was created for our good and His glory...

April 7, 2023
His Glory
Our God is so good! His goodness is beyond description, and the limitations of our language simply cannot give justice to the countless ways God demonstrates His goodness to us. Scripture declares the most amazing act of kindness in recorded history in John 3:16. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” For us, God’s beloved, He GAVE his Son to grant us eternal life! He didn’t have to, He chose to. God’s generosity redeems us from the weight of our sins and pays a debt we could never settle ourselves. Jesus Christ GAVE His life to pay the penalty of our impossible debt. When we believe and trust Jesus as Lord...

April 2, 2023
Palm Sunday

When was the last time you watched a parade? Last year we got to attend a local parade where all the schools, clubs and businesses in the small town near us brought out their best and to showcase what they cared about most. They dressed up, decorated cars, trucks and trailers to let us know they were proud of their schools, sports clubs, charities and businesses. And they went beyond that—the parade included participants who...

March 26, 2023
his marvelous light

I really am fortunate to live in a part of the country where we have 4 seasons. I like all 4 seasons, but this winter has been a tough one for me. Dealing with a huge loss of a daily relationship and the changes that come when friends move has really been hard. There was so little sunshine that, for the first time, I really suffered from S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  There seemed to be weeks where we didn’t see the sun and that just added to my already down mood. When the sun would be out and the sky was blue instead of gray, I would feel lighter and happier. But then the next day...

March 19, 2023
new life

There are many signs of new life this time of year. We live on three acres, which includes a peninsula and a pond that attract waterfowl like geese and ducks. We often see geese on the peninsula, but when one of the geese just sits there for a while we know what that means - new life - baby goslings coming soon! Last year on Mother’s Day...

March 12, 2023
small beginnings

When you think about the wellness goals you made for 2023, do you feel overwhelmed? Maybe you had a lot of weight to lose, or a long way to go to get fit and strong, to recover from an illness or injury, or to get back into a healthy routine.

In Zechariah 4:10, God urged His people not to “despise the day of small beginnings.” They had returned to their homeland after years in exile, only to find the temple in ruins, destroyed by their enemies. The task of rebuilding felt utterly and completely overwhelming. They were starting off defeated, still grieving the loss of what used to be...

March 5, 2023

Each year I “give up” something for Lent. Sometimes it’s something I like to eat, sometimes it’s a pastime that draws me in and sucks away my time. This year I’m giving up tea. That may not seem like a big deprivation, but morning tea has really become a habit for me, so NOT having it will get my attention right away. I want my refraining from tea to be a reminder as I start each day that it is Jesus who warms my whole being, not a cup of hot tea...

February 26, 2023

My #1 love language is “Quality Time.” If you make a date with me to go out for coffee or go for a walk together and share stories I feel loved and cared about. My love bucket is filled up a little further. My second love language is “Words of Affirmation.”  If we can’t get together in person, if you call me to ask me how I’m doing and share some encouragement, ...

February 14, 2023
Love of God

One of my best friends is always saying that she is God’s favorite. It always makes me giggle and of course I can’t help but respond, “Um, actually I think I’m His favorite.” It’s a silly exercise because the truth is that we are all His favorites and that includes YOU too! The love of God is so much bigger than we can imagine. In fact, there is nothing we can do to separate ourselves from the love of God. Isn’t that encouraging?!?! 

God’s love surrounds us for the entirety of our life and when we die...

February 12, 2023
loving the unlovely

With all honesty, I admit that I’m not a sappy person and I’m definitely not a romantic, but with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, my mind keeps circling back to the topic of love. Not necessarily the love of a spouse or a parent or a friend, but the love of God.

If you’ve read even a little from the Bible, you know one of the main themes is God‘s love for us. The rebellious, the wayward, the faithful…